To develop every learner holistically in a safe and democratic environment, so that independence can be accomplished .


St. Joseph’s Special School is a non-profit organisation providing education to chronically ill children and learners with barriers to learn.

  • The school has a holistic approach to education
  • We promote: a learning culture based on Christian values
  • The specialised curriculum and educational programme is designed to meet the varied needs of the learners in as secure environment promoting academic excellence
  • Extra-mural activities such as sport, music and art provide the opportunity for self-expression.
  • Providing learners with opportunities to meet their full potential, guiding and preparing them to live meaningful and successful lives, as members of society
  • In partnership between the learners and staff within this rehabilitation setting, we together strive to ensure that every learner feels loved, respected, happy, safe and secure.


The Love of Christ Urges Us On …