Our Anthem

St. Joseph’s Anthem

Situated in the fairest of the Cape

Served the children hungry

And whose bone with ache

Came the sisters Pallottine

With their lives at stake

As the law of land demands,

their house vacate.

Hear our lyrics echo

In a triumph song

We are from St. Joseph’s

A very special throng

Many years have gone by

Since the Home gave birth

To our school so special

Of astounding worth.

Here our therapists as,

Well as teachers kind

Toil with mind and soul

Preparing us for life.

Special are the children

From St. Joseph’s School

Special needs their portion

Courage as their tool

As they fend in patience

Pain, exclusion sore

Not of body lone

But intellect for sure

Lyrics: C M Paulse 2007-11-06

Music: A German Melody arranged by John Goss 1800-80