White Boards

We have a total of 6 whiteboards installed in our classrooms which:

  • Makes it easier for educators to structure lessons
  • Makes the learning process more fun
  • Increases the level of engagement between Educators and Learners
  • Allows learners with various disabilities to learn better
  • Brings convenience and flexibility to learning.
  • Computer Room

Our computer room has been upgraded with 15 new mini pc’s with wireless infrastructure connectivity.

The purpose is to bring Wi-Fi connectivity into our classrooms and instructional areas at school. This space is utilised to support Teaching and Learning, Office Administration Skills, Vocational Training, Staff Development and Computer Applications.

Computer Application Skills

  • Keyboard Techniques
  • Word Processing and Editing
  • Business Documents
  • Emails
  • Job Applications
  • Internet Safety
  • Social Networking Safety